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Let's talk about NdFeB magnets


Magnetic frames and magnetic rods have been used in many industries and play a key role. In the production process, strong magnets are used more, and the magnetic properties are very high. Magnetic.

According to the different proportions of the ingredients in the formula, the magnetic force can be increased or decreased. There are N35—N52, N35M—N50M, N30H—N48H, N30SH—N45SH, N28UH—N35UH, N28EH—N35EH performance indicators. The conventional strong magnetic force is N35 -N35 performance in N52 trademark (high temperature resistance of 80 degrees), other high-performance NdFeB magnets can be customized upon request.

Ferromagnetic materials can be magnetized by: heating the material above the Curie temperature, cooling it in the presence of an external magnetic field, and hammering the material during cooling. This is an efficient method of magnetization, and is similar to the way in which permanent magnets are manufactured in the industry. When the material is placed in an external magnetic field, when the magnetic field is removed, the ferromagnetic material will still have a magnetic field, which is called residual magnetism. The effect would be better if the data were oscillated in the presence of an external magnetic field. Moving a magnet repeatedly from one end of the material to the other can also help magnetize it.

The inside of the magnetic rod is made of rare earth permanent magnet or ferrite magnet as the magnetic source, the surface is wrapped with 304 or 316 stainless steel tube, and both ends are sealed and welded. Use its magnetic force to sort out fine iron impurities from the material, and then play the role of maintaining downstream equipment and improving the purity of the material. The magnetic bar can be used alone, and it is also the basic element for the manufacture of magnetic grids, drawer-type iron removers, fluid iron removers, and rotary iron removers.

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